Montana's Best Off-Leash Dog Park

At  Gallatin Regional Park

Conceptual Plan>>

This conceptual plan was developed by Run Dog Run and has been shared with members of the Gallatin Regional Park Dog Committee as well as the Gallatin Board of Park Commissioners.​


For orientation purposes, this is the northwest section of Gallatin Regional Park, to the north of North Pond, which is the western-most existing pond in the park.


By fully funding this project, Gallatin County dog owners can assure themselves access to this vital recreation resource for generations to come.



Major Features>>

A 13-acre fully fenced dog park to the west of the seasonal creek will provide safe, secure & sanctioned off-leash recreation.


Three ponds will be excavated to provide dog-friendly water features. The spoils from the excavation process will be used to create berms to provide contours and visual appeal.


The park will feature a perimeter loop trail - and a network of interior trails will wind between the ponds.


To the north of North Pond, there will be a dog beach, a dock diving area, and two fully-fenced areas for group get-togethers and dog sports.


A trail will be added to the east of the seasonal creek (shown in grey) that will create a loop trail by linking with an existing trail. This will serve as an excellent running trail for dog owners.

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