Montana's Best Off-Leash Dog Park

At  Gallatin Regional Park

Inside The 13-Acre Fenced Park

48" tall perimeter fence to enclose the 13-acre park. Wooden posts blend in with natural setting. Double-gate entries limit escapes and conflicts.

Three newly excavated ponds allow dogs to swim, play fetch and cool off. Nearly one acre of pond surface area will be created in the park.

Small dog and puppy play area. Sometimes, it's best to allow smaller dogs and puppies to socialize with dogs their own size. A perfect place for puppy play dates.


Loop trails and perimeter trails that wind between ponds and berms so park users can vary their route each time they visit with their canine companions.


Shade pavilions allow dog owners to find relief from the sun, to socialize with other dog owners and to relax and have a snack. Water bowls will be provided.

Benches and dog waste stations will be positioned along the trails, near the ponds and in other scenic locations throughout the park.

Fetch field. Special grasses will be planted in this area of the park to accommodate games of fetch, Frisbee and Chuck-it.  We plan to add irrigation in phase #2.

Other Amenities Outside Fenced Park

Dock diving platform on the north side of North Pond. Floating dock wil be installed that allows dogs to fetch and retrieve sticks, toys and bumpers.

Dog beach on the north side of North Pond. By designating a specific area for dogs to enter the water, we can minimize habitat damage.

We will install a north-south trail east of the fenced area that will connect with an existing trail, thus creating a loop trail that skirts the wetland area. 


Fully-fenced dog sports area where dogs can participate in agility, treibball and other dog-specific sports. We wil work with local dog sports groups to source equipment.

Fully-fenced group play area designed for obedience classes, dog club meetings, doggie birthday parties, and other group activities.

Dog waste stations will be added as necessary in the off-leash areas to ensure that we are being good stewards of the resources we're provided. Run Dog Run has installed 6 waste stations in the park already and we've been servicing them on a twice-a-week basis since 2013.

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